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  • Stock/material

  • 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
  • Finishing/detailing:

  • Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
  • Add Ons:

  • Die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, debossing
  • Packaging:

  • Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure:

  • Eco-friendly assembling.

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Our bracelet boxes are very impressive for you to pack

The Bracelet boxes are used in the jewelry industry and they serve as the containers that pack elegant bracelets. The design of the bracelet box keeps the shape and color of the bracelets intact and they never get damaged while they remain in these boxes over a long period of time. These boxes do not allow any external harmful element to cross the inside of these containers and the content remains fresh for a long period of time. According to one of the top jewelry manufacturer, Custom Boxes ToGo is using a new bracelet box is always recommended for packing bracelets if you want to protect them from dust or from any other damage that can occur during transportation.

Bracelet boxes are the best companion of women who want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion, loves to buy and collect beautiful bracelet wear them them with all their outfits and need the maximum care for their bracelets. Bracelet boxes are the best companions for all women’s who like jewelry and love to wear beautiful and fashionable bracelets all time.

Bracelet boxes are offered by the leading jewelry companies of the country and there is no one who doesn’t have a bracelet box in their office. This article talks about the benefits of bracelet boxes for those who don’t know about them or use them to pack their bracelets.

These boxes are superb products which have a super material to make it easily cleanable and to be wear by women. These boxes come in different shapes and styles that any types of bracelet can fit them such as bow, butterfly, rectangular, heart, square and many more. Bracelet boxes are a lively fashion for women’s fashion jewelry because bracelets come in different styles almost every day.

Bracelet boxes are the packaging products for bracelets and other ornamental jewellery. These boxes have wide application in retail industry. Bracelet boxes are made of pure white materials which remain clean always and transfer fade resistant color to the bracelets. The shutter of bracelet box is designed to be tight and secure to protect the bracelets against flying insects, dust, etc. These boxes are also used bridal stores or as part of gift pack during online shopping where even the tiniest detail is maintained with utmost care.

Bracelet boxes are made of reliable material and ready to be used right after the purchase. These ball shaped jewelry boxes are ready to pack all the bracelets you have ever bought or plan to buy in the future. Whether or not your bracelets will be damaged or will lose their shape is unknown if they are packed inside a bag or inside a drawer without being kept separately and neatly organized. Bracelet boxes which we offer here have carrying handles so you can easily carry them anywhere you want without having any kind of trouble. Due to their round rim shape, the bracelets are kept steady and safe from getting broken into two separate parts.

Our designers have considered all aspects of the bracelet boxes we provide, including the manufacturing of cardboard and glue. We combine this with continuous research in the area to ensure that our bracelets are always well-looked after, whatever their circumstances. Our cardboard and glue has been specially selected to protect your precious bracelets while they travel between your store and the customer’s door.

We provide the highest quality product packing and shipping services. Our bracelets boxes, jewellery boxes and all other product boxes are designed to enhance the value of your products and protect them from damage during transportation.

Using our Black Folding Boxes’ is the best way to display, store, and protect your bracelets. This box features a latch closure that prevents the bracelet box from popping open while you’re wearing it. The box is molded with a 2″ foldable bottom to show off bracelets in a unique way, making sure they stand out when customers look at it. You can label these boxes using an ink jet or laser printer. Available on rolls of 500 boxes, these boxes are a great buy for both retail stores and distributors.

The CustomBoxesToGo collection of top jewelry product packaging offers the most comprehensive line of jewelry display and packaging solutions available. Simple to use and easy to assemble, their beauty and outstanding value will enhance the appeal and profitability of your product line.

The performance of Custom Bracelet Boxes is measured by its physical appearance and durability. You can use Custom Bracelet Boxes for many other products like Band, Cuff link, etc. It is much better for protecting the product from damage and contamination.

Bracelet boxes with your favorite colors and aesthetic designs:

We have achieved a name for our bracelet boxes in the market that are an instant hit with the clients. The quality and affordability of our range has earned us a patron base like no other in this industry. We have infinite designs and sizes of these boxes that are artistic to the core. The prints we offer are imbedded with bright colors and make them liked by all section of customers. Our prices are very nominal in comparison to our worth so as to earn more profits from every product we sell. Our customized offers will attract you towards us and are appraised for meeting your requirements suitably well.