Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes


12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing:

Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, deposing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

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Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes

The Custom Printed Five Panel Hanger Boxes includes a basic hanger tab with a die cut tab to hold the boxes also called hanger tab. Therefore making the product packaged inside of the box eminent and visual from far within the market. There are several customization accessible for five-panel hanger such as you can add friction locks. That may keep the product safe. You can additionally add a die cut window in your five-panel hanger boxes for the product visibility.

Our custom printed five panel hanger boxes are die cut to hold the box and include a basic hanger tab with your product’s packaging. Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes tabs can have a range of hanging configurations, such as die-cut circles used for hanging or displaying the box—perfect for retail stores. We will create friction locks for your five panel hanger box to secure the package and help prevent damaging the product. Add a die cut window to your five panel hanger box for instant product visibility as soon as customers see the package. Manufacture your five panel hanger box with an auto lock or tuck finish style on the top and bottom of your five panel hanger box—the style does not impact the ability for it to be hung.

Custom Printed Five Panel Hanger Boxes includes a hang tab with a die cut tab to provide visual product visibility on the store shelf. The Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes are great for hanging retail products, adding custom-made hooks and fasteners to hold your merchandise in place.

Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes with the hanger tabs are perfect for hanging and displaying the product. Customize them with your desired size, colors, and add-ons such as auto lock or tuck finish style, friction lock, die cut windows. You can hold anything from toys to footwear in these sturdy boxes.

Five-panel hanger boxes are one of the best ideas for elegantly packaging your products. Draw more customers to your displays and have your product hanged on the shelves for enhancing their visibility and sales. The exclusive feature about five-panel hanger boxes is that they remain in an upright position when placed on surfaces. Therefore, Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes custom printed five panel hanger boxes command high attention from customers from far within the market. We offer great customization opportunities to add value to your products and make them look more elegant among other brands.

Five-panel hanger boxes are essentially display and storage boxes, as well as classified as exclusive packaging boxes. This type of packaging is specifically designed to hang the packaged product on a retail hook or aisle ways. In other words, they are designed to add more visual value and exposure to your product in stores or supermarket shelves. They have alluring die-cut window on the head for perfect visibility of inside product.

Foldable and fast accessible as well as easy to carry, Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes hanger die cut shapes are used for the hanging of these boxes. Usually, Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes utilized in the market for merchandise that needed hanging. Such as toys, cosmetics, home decor or Christmas ornament items. The main benefit for using these custom five panel boxes is their easy identification within the retail store and increased sales according to research & marketing stats.

Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes have been used for decades in the packaging industry to create hanging packages for retail items for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that this box design hangs better off racks and hooks in retail environments. It’s easier to get a good hang tab and the different panels support each other in making hanging the box easier.

Five Panel Hanger Boxes are a packaging solution for many retail and commercial products. Five panels with a single hole on the top of the box, are attached horizontally with each other. They form the hanger shape at the top of the box. Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes are used to hang and display your products on shelves in retail stores, supermarkets or departmental stores.

Our products have a solid nature that never get affected by humidity or other climatic conditions. Plus, we use 100% recyclable and biodegradable Kraft material for production of these boxes. The biosphere remains clean and unaffected by the product packaging we provide. We believe in saving our planet from getting destroyed one product at a time, and take strict measures to ensure that packaging doesn’t do any harm to the nature or mankind.

Black cardstock with a full-color graphic on the outside. High-quality products and professional services! At, we hold wide experience in offering the best quality of hanger boxes. We design Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes according to your product type and marketing needs. This not only makes your product stand apart among its competitors but also helps you to attract more customers towards your brand. Hence, we are providing you with a complete solution to all of your packaging needs through our standard 5-panel hanger boxes UK.