Hair Extension Boxes


12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S


Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add Ons:

Die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, deposing


Assembled and shipped flat


Eco-friendly assembling.

Available in all custom shapes and sizes

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Include your name and logo in most distinctive way! Our hair extension boxes are printed with different hairstyles which you can try later. Don’t just let the color, label, make and usage define your beauty brand. Don’t forget about those cutest drawing boxes you must offer for those beauties who want something more special than ordinary packaging. CustomBoxestogo helps you to create a stunning design enhancing your brand awareness.

Are you in the business of hair extension manufacturing? If yes, are you looking for the best multi-color packaging manufacturer? CustomBoxestogo offers such services. We provide multi-color printing for all types of manufactures, be it paper boxes, soap boxes or shoe polish boxes. You can also put up your logo in our customized packaging which can give your company an extra advantage.

Hair Extension Boxes are great for all types of nail polish manufacturers. The Hair Extension Boxes are made from thick cardboard and come in 3 sizes – the biggest box will hold around 125 bottles, the middle will hold 75 and the smallest one will hold 45. These can easily be customised with different hairstyles and designs which can boost up the sales of your product. All these Hair Extension Boxes are printed on sealed material to prevent any wear and tear into the product while shipping. These boxes also comes with a 1 year quality guarantee. Place your order now to get extra discount.

CustomBoxestogo is a company that specializes in printing customized hair extension boxes, nail polish packaging, cosmetic and perfume packaging and so on. Our long time experience and advanced equipment allows us to create a perfect and unique product that looks great on your salon shelf. All items are made according to your specifications. We offer you excellent quality and competitive prices. So you won’t regret your business with CustomBoxestogo!

Are you in the business of manufacturing nail polish boxes? Do you need a custom box that is appropriate for your company? CustomBoxestogo can create and print custom Hair Extension Boxes in your own image, with labels and graphics that promote your products. We also offer incentives to tie your product to the holiday season. Our designers can create styles that will inform, educate, entertain or intrigue with alluring graphics that enhance brand attributes and create an enduring impression. With multiple options available, it’s easy to create an eye catching gift.

Hair extension boxes are an essential part of the hair care business. A well-designed box will make your customers purchase hair extension kits and leave the salon with an overall positive impression. Features you need to consider include the ability to store various types of hair products, your brand name on the product itself, and the design of the box itself. CustomBoxestogo has many years of experience in providing all types of different types of boxes for hair care companies, including nail polish boxes, makeup boxes, jewelry boxes, safe boxes, etc.

Are you in the hair extension business? You need a unique and stylish box for your product. Don’t worry, we can make you an excellent box to make your products sell out. We are an established custom packaging company. We are able to produce Hair Extension Boxes in different shapes, sizes, colors and much more exactly according to your requirements. With our experience in producing the best custom boxes, we know how to fulfil each of your needs. For example, contact us if you want to create a perfect gift box for your customers or find new ways how to increase sales of your products by giving them attractive shopping bags too.

Our hair extension boxes can be printed with the hair styles like: french, curly and many more. If you need to create your own hair style, our flexible design tool allows you to add color, or hair clip provided by us that makes it easy to match with your products. In short, we use a variety of methods and methods to place your items in a case that will make it easy for shipment. The condition and the type of material used will follow different approaches, based on the specific requirements.Boxes should show all of your product details including shipping item, detailed information regarding the seller and something new

We can provide the best hair extension boxes for sale and we offer different designs of boxes, bags, and tubes for the promoting of your products. We know what customers want and we can help you by supplying you best product packaging . We are a professional manufacturers, which offer different designs of packaging greatly influencing product sales. Get in touch with us today, we will be glad to get back to you soon.