Punch Partition

  • Box style; Punch Partition
  • Paper stock; Kraft, white cardboard
  • Colors; No printing, full-color printing, CMYK/PMS
  • Finishing; Gloss, Matte
  • Dimension; as per the stipulation
  • Quantity; 100
  • Options; Die-cut window, Spot UV, embossing, debossing
  • Artwork;  Available as per the demand of the product
  • Shipping;  all the boxes will be shipped flat
  • Delivery time; 10 to 12 business days.

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Custom Punch Partition Wholesale

These food punch partitions are easy to customize and made in any shape, size, and dimension that you want, precisely according to your company’s needs. You can get many designs and slot numbers that you want and get the punch partitions explicitly made according to your company’s requirements.

Our punch partitions are easy to customize and made in any shape, size, and dimension that you want, precisely according to your company’s needs. Custom packaging inserts keep your food safe and stable during shipping and handling and can be made in any number of designs or slots based on your specific operating needs.

Do you want to prevent your food items from toppling over and losing their shape? Well, whether you are a restaurateur, pastry chef, or any other business owner where creamed foods are required to be safely transported from one place to another, custom punch partitions can help you with that. A food partition is a cardboard insert, which is designed to hold food items together in place so that they do not move, tumble, or rub against each other. For example, in the case of cupcakes with cream topping, these partitions will prevent the cream topping from spilling off the cake by allowing it to remain stuck in its position while being transferred from one place to another.

We understand that in this day and age, food is only as good as its packaging, which is why our food partition inserts ensure the safe and hygienic transportation of your company’s gourmet food items. These punched partitions are easy to customize, and you can choose from a wide range of designs and slot numbers to meet your exact specifications. Our packaging inserts are made with high-quality materials that sustain no damage while protecting your valuable foods, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Food Packaging Inserts and Food Punched Partitions come in many varieties that can be customized exactly to your company’s desired specifications. They are most commonly used to safely pack delicate items such as muffins, bagels, and cupcakes for safe delivery. These cardboard inserts are perforated for easy removal, sturdy to avoid crushing on food, and use only eco-friendly materials during production.

Take your food delivery business to another level by using custom punch partitions. Easily customize based on the size and shape of your customer’s order, and experience efficient packaging and transportation with these precision-cut punch partitions that anchor any type of food in place. Make the most out of your product packaging with high-quality punch partitions made by Packlane.

Punch partitions are an excellent addition to the food industry – other than the advantages of using these custom food partitions, it also helps you in increasing your customer base and improving your overall business.

Food Partitions are perfect for preventing food such as steaks, burgers, appetizers and other similar products from moving during transit. Our punch partitions have no flaps, making them convenient and lightweight. Each partition has perforated tines at each corner making it easy to snap together. We offer a variety of sizes to choose from to meet any users needs.

The overall product category that this partition falls in is food partitions or packaging inserts, a type of packaging tool used for the protection of all sorts of food items for transportation and storing, especially fragile foods. It involves the movement, handling, and storage of products during periods of manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and consumption.

Food is an essential part of life, and people are willing to spend a huge portion of their income on food. The food e-commerce industry is booming. However, before customers take the delivery of their groceries, they also have certain expectations. For this reason, we partner with e-commerce companies to give them significant advantages in logistics. With our customized and free customization service, get slot numbers according to your need and desired dimension.

We are offering punch partition boxes for various food products. These food punch partition boxes, also called insert partition boxes, are used for food products or delicate items. You can also use these for other things that need to be packed in singular or multiple quantities within the same container, like cupcakes, pastries, etc. They are serving the purpose of keeping the product fixed in one spot inside the box instead of moving around freely. These punch partition boxescan be manufactured in different dimensions and sizes and can safely pack your multiple food items so that they are fixated within the box and not spoiled or spilled.

Punch partition boxes are the perfect solution to keep your food products safe during transport. These boxes have an inside design of empty slits, which help keep your product in place while also protecting it from movement. The partitions are perforated, making them easy to remove and reposition as needed.